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Roof Leaks (Minor to Severe)

It’s probably the single most common roofing problem facing homeowners. From cracked flashing (those thin, weatherproofed pieces of metal that are designed to keep water out) to broken or missing shingles, or tiles there are nearly as many causes as there are roofs. Over time, weather conditions could cause the roofing material to get brittle and break. It could be due to excess moisture accumulating from a gutter leaking onto the roof. Debris may be trapping water which then leaks into the roof itself.

Issues That Can Arise from Roof Leaks:

  • Interior mold and mildew issues

  • Attic, ceiling, and insulation damage

  • Higher utility bills and wasted energy

  • Comprised structural integrity and deterioration

  • Compromised electrical wiring: which can lead to fire and shock hazards


Shingle Replacement (Damaged or Missing)

Your roof’s shingles are another component that may suffer from excessive wear and tear. Along with providing your roof with exceptional style, your roofing shingles are also designed to protect the structural components of your roof from water damage and UV exposure. 

After a strong storm with lots of wind, it’s important to inspect the roof for signs of missing shingles. Not only can missing shingles be an eyesore, they are an important part of the roof and provide a layer of protection. When you start to notice that several of your shingles are broken or missing, this is a clear indication that you need to schedule for shingle replacements to prevent future leak damage.

Issues That Can Arise from Missing or Broken Shingles:

  • Heavy dampness

  • Insurability issues

  • Development of leaks

  • Decrease in property value

  • Rotting wood and mold growth

Metal Replacement (Rusted or Damaged)

Metal roofs typically have far fewer issues than traditional shingled roofs, but there can be signs of failure, even early in the life of the roof. These include spots of rust, leaks and damaged areas. Whenever you suspect there’s a problem with your metal roof, it’s important to have it inspected as soon as possible. A professional roofer will be able to tell you what the problem is and give recommendations on how to fix it.

Even though metal roofs are very robust, resilient, and have waterproof sealants, these can wear down over time. Standing water is a common issue with these roofs and this is when rust begins to form. Any problems can usually be addressed through repairing the problem areas, but sometimes the problem area is too extensive. Rust that has been left untreated, damage from severe storms, and excessive leaks may be problems that simply can’t be repaired, leading to a complete metal roof replacement.


Ponding Waters

A roof will not perform up to its potential when water has accumulated on its surface. Ponding water can be due to poor roof design or subsequent roof breakdowns over time.

The true cause of ponding water must be identified prior to any repair effort. It is possible that there is an HVAC unit that lacks a condensate drain line that is causing the ponding water. Drains might be full of debris, silt, dirt and other particles. A roof repair specialists analysis will be necessary. They will perform a thorough investigation to determine the root cause of the ponding before performing a roof repair.



Everything from foot traffic to local wildlife can leave scrapes, puncture marks, or even big holes in a roof that can cause problematic issues sooner than most homeowners imagine. Whether it’s a woodpecker drilling holes in the eaves or a contractor walking over the shingles, the damage can build up over the years, affecting the underlying wood or exposing it to rot-causing moisture. The best approach to punctures is to perform a roof repair as soon as possible. Adding extra material layers on the roofing membrane can also help in the roof repair effort to prevent subsequent punctures.

Additional Repair Services

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